The Commitment

"Abide in Me..."
John 15:4

The library books of Pastor Joseph Tson, exiled Romanian pastor, were printed before the Communist Revolution of 1917. In 1990, Tson preached to Texas Baptists. He said he knew nothing about making a commitment to Christ, without an absolute surrender to Christ.

There is great danger in replacing a life of absolute surrender, with an initial act of personal commitment. Personal Commitment to Christ is an entering into a relationship with Him. Absolute Surrender to Christ is a continuing obedience to Him.

NOTE TO SELF: Your personal commitment, and absolute surrender are not at war with one another. They fight, back to back, against a common foe, your SELF. Your Personal Commitment is a momentous beginning. Your Absolute Surrender is a continuous yielding. Abiding in Christ is birthed, and bathed in prayer. The way you come on, is the way you go on.