Dana Miller

Dana has worn many hats over the years, but her favorite is wife of 40 years to Gary and mother to Ashley & Allyson.  She has worked next to Gary in ministry for all 40 years of marriage.  She believes she is a teammate as well as wife to Gary. 

They love serving together. Dana has been an event planner both professionally and in the churches they have pastored.  She has spoken over the years on health, fitness, parenting, submission, marriage, and of course, prayer.

Wife. Mother. Survivor.

With the heart of a wife, mother, and minister of grace she has given herself to the mission of faithfully and loudly proclaiming the glory of God. She has learned over the years how to do that -- even in trial. Dana refers to her battle with breast cancer as her “Great Adventure” and it has intensified her passion to point people to prayer as priority in their lives. Both Gary and Dana long to invest in the lives of others through this “Great Adventure” - and teach others how to overcome the fear of the enemy!

It doesn’t take very long in her presence to know that she believes the power and compassion with which she teaches is directly a gift of God.  Her testimony of being ripped from the hands of the enemy alone is enough to encourage and empower others to live in the same radiant light of Jesus.

She will step into any environment and tell the wonderful story of blessing, love, hope, struggle, fear, strength, and the incredible power of prayer. She is living proof of the depth of that greatly untapped spiritual discipline.

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