The Importunity

"...because of his importunity he will give him..."
Luke 11:8

Jesus framed importunity as persistent prayer that sails into an opposing wind. The Greeks defined opportunity as facing a frightening moment, and seizing it, before it slipped away. Effective prayer does both.

NOTE TO SELF: Importunity is persistent prayer, sailing into the face of unfavorable winds & harnessing the power of God. Importunity doesn't whine, it moves forward in spite of opposition. Opportunity doesn't stiff arm a headwind wind. It embraces it and sets the sails of prayer to catch the wind of Heaven. Both are necessary. Take time to importune in prayer. Keep watch for the opportune moment to pray. Both will lead you to the right port. Expect fear. Respond in faith. Pray your way through the wind, to get to port.