The Heart

"Do not let your heart turn aside..." Proverbs 7:25

The heart of the problem in the heart of any unfaithful man is not his wandering eyes, but his poisoned heart. Proverbs warns men repeatedly to guard their hearts by binding them to God's wisdom. The heart is more than a blood-pumping organ or the seat of human emotions. It is the reservoir of God's truth. Straying from His truth in order to satisfy the desires of your heart reveals you have been infusing into your heart a poisonous venom supplied by an ancient enemy who seeks to destroy you. Before the act of adultery becomes a roaring lion of infidelity, it was embraced as a thought that climbed up in your lap, appearing as harmless as a kitten. Don't be a fool. Before you have to fight the lion in the street, kill the kitten in your heart.