The Trumpets

“The Lord spoke further to Moses,…” Numbers 10:1

This simple statement provides a picture of a relationship between a man of prayer and his God. It is often overlooked in the rush to describe the two significant silver trumpets Moses would have made, at God’s command, “for summoning the congregation.” (V. 2)

Persistent prayer is marked by consistent, continuous conversation with God. It is accented by immediate obedience to the clear commands of God. This is the essence of prayer.

Spending time with God, listening to God, enjoying His Presence, basking in His glory to hear further from God is the spirit of prayer. When you pray, God has more to say to you than you can possible imagine. As He did with Moses, He desires to speak further with you. Listen longer to Him.

The words of the couple on The Road to Emmaus give a New Testament picture of this spirit of prayer. After walking with and listening to Jesus on a seven-mile walk, Jesus acted as if He would go further. They urged Him, “Stay with us!”  Luke 24:29

The two silver trumpets were hugely important to the spiritual health of the congregation. Nothing is ever more important than knowing God desires to speak truth into you more than you want to receive it. God spoke further to Moses. He desires to speak further to you.  Prayer prepares your heart to hear.

The trumpets played a significant role in the development of the spiritual welfare of the people, and in the spiritual warfare they would face when attacked by the enemy.

“…you shall sound and alarm with trumpets, that you may be remembered before the Lord your God and be saved from your enemies.” V. 9

The Trumpets were to be used to call an assembly, but to also remember that the battle is the Lord’s and He is the one who would save them from their enemies. The Trumpets were a reminder for the people not to trust in their assembled might to defeat their enemies, but to place their fear of the enemy “before the Lord your God and be saved.”

Prayerless people are prideful people, and fearful people. God’s people are not alone. They are not wayfaring orphans. They are under the protection of Almighty God. The Trumpets were sounded to remind the people of Israel about the constant watch-care God provides for His children. As the sound of the trumpets hit their ears, they would be reminded of God, and remained under the protection of God.

“…they shall be as a reminder of you before your God. I am the LORD your GOD.” V. 10

The prayer of Moses was a rallying cry for the people more than a wakeup call for God. Before the people of Israel moved towards the enemy, The Trumpets would be sounded, and they would be comforted and encouraged by God taking the lead.

“Rise up, O LORD! And let Your enemies be scattered, and let those who hate You flee before You.” V. 35

No matter how large the assembled army appeared to be, or how great the victory over the enemy would become, there was only one thing that mattered to Moses. The Trumpets reminded the people God watched over them day and night, and He fought for them in the middle of the fight. God wanted the people to know He goes out with them to the battle, and returns with them to the camp.

“Return, O LORD, to the myriad thousands of Israel.” V. 36

Humble, God-saturated prayer results from lingering in His Presence and listening to His voice. Prayer sounds The Trumpets in the heart and soul of warriors and reminds them they never fight alone, and the enemy is no match for their God.

NOTE TO SELF: On the road to the next Great Awakening there are many unknown ambushes, and hidden landmines already placed in your path by the enemy. Never forget this. God goes before you to face the enemy, and He remains with you to protect those you love. Between “Rise up” and “Return” God is always with you. Praying your way through enemy attacks or friendly fire will give you a sense of God’s Presence like nothing else can.