The Calling

“Then the LORD called to Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting.” Leviticus 1:1

Before the structure for worship was put in place, God called Moses to meet with Him face to face. Prayer has always been God’s idea. What God initiates, He intends to perpetuate within a climate of prayer.

Prayerless religious activity may produce institutions for God, but it will never create intimacy with God. Prayer begins by listening and responding to the voice of God.

I have a radio in my car. It offers me an opportunity to connect with unseen voices all over the country. It will provide me with music, weather reports, traffic information, endless political commentary and at times a little entertainment.

Radio waves are constantly flowing through the air from faraway places. As I drive around the country, I cannot detect the signals that are carrying the message unless I am tuned in to the specific station that is sending them. When it comes to prayer, the old Gospel Music song says it all, “Turn Your Radio On.” God is always calling. Are you listening?

Though prayer is not specifically mentioned in Leviticus, one has to believe the climate of prayer was meant by God to be the air each worshipper breathed. Believing prayer breathes fresh life into every act of worship.

“It seems strange that a book that dealing almost exclusively of the way of approach to God, does not mention prayer.” Dr. Herbert Lockyer

God invited worshippers to enter into The Tabernacle. Again, prayer and praise was never a good idea devised by man. Prayer and praise has always been God’s idea offered to man.

The first verse of Leviticus sets the stage for what was to follow. God called Moses to come to Him, and then provided a structure for the people to enter into communication with Him.

God intended for the people to obey the commands He gave to Moses and to enter into The Tabernacle in order to embrace Him, not a religion.

“It seems strange that a book that dealing almost exclusively of the way of approach to God, does not mention prayer.” Dr. Herbert Lockyer

One of the great learning curves of ministry is the capacity to work for a church and still worship God. In January 1975 I was invited to serve on the staff of a local church, while a student in Seminary. It was a great honor, but it also proved to be a great challenge. Let me explain.

The place where I had been worshipping became the place where I was now working. Previously, I enjoyed the Sunday only relationship I had with the people. Working for them involved rubbing shoulders with them everyday. Like any personal relationship, there were times the increased contact brought intense friction. After a few months, going to church on Sunday felt more like work than worship. Can I get a witness?

By the time Jesus entered into His public ministry, the people of Israel had turned The Tabernacle in the wilderness, into a The Temple in the city. The Tabernacle of worship had degenerated into a Temple Cult. The instrument designed for the worship of God became an institutionalized idol for the benefit of man. Jesus was not pleased with the changes that had been made. He was convinced His Father had it right the first time. “MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER.”

In the Bible, Leviticus follows Exodus. The prayers of Moses in the final chapters of Exodus precede the Leviticus 1:1 invitation for Moses to prepare the tent of meeting for the people. The idea of prayer and praise began in the heart of God, but He presented His idea to Moses within the climate of prayer. God still does this for anyone willing to get over a good idea, and spend the time in His Presence to hear God’s idea.

NOTE TO SELF: When you invest sweat equity into working for God, obsessing over the mechanics of prayer and praise, you rarely develop intimacy with God. Man-made religion carries the aroma of the flesh. Prayer breathed worship produces the fruit of The Spirit. There is a difference between the sweat-soaked odor found in a machine shop and the sweet aroma of a farmer’s market. Jesus said He would build His church. He called you to bear His fruit. Never be confused about The Calling of God on you. TALK LESS! PRAY MORE!