The Prayer Principle of Revelation

"I praise You, O Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants. Yes, Father, because this is well-pleasing in your sight." Luke 10:11

Principle: Extraordinary prayer infuses God's EXTRA into ordinary people whose only claim to fame is their child like faith.

Most people can remember the day that they thought their Daddy could do anything. He was the source for every answer, and the solution to every problem. Whenever they were in doubt or in fear they would run to Daddy. As the years passed by, and the older people get, they begin to lose confidence in their old man, and gain more confidence in themselves. Maturity does require a certain degree of independence, but in spiritual matters, a Christ follower should never grow out of their child like trust in The Father.

In the Oscar winning movie, "Chariots of Fire," the worldly-wise coach gave an ambitious young athlete this expert advice, "I cannot put in what God left out." He placed a disclaimer on his own coaching credentials, and deflated any false expectations on the part of a would-be champion with this one short, yet profound statement.

Jesus was walking with His disciples, while He was praying. This is the way Jesus lived. He prayed without ceasing, and God kept answering His prayers. This prayer of praise lifted up to His Father was a genuine expression of gratitude for what God had revealed about Jesus to Peter.

For Peter to grasp this truth, God had to have been at work in his life. Jesus knew there could be no other source for this insight into the redemptive plan of God. Thankfully, the school of prayer has a very active preschool division. Peter was a big man with a little faith, and that is all God needed to reach into his heart and reveal who Jesus really was.

There are times when people get educated far beyond their capacity to comprehend the truth of God. Chuck Swindoll, President of Dallas Theological Seminary, put it in perspective for his students this way, "You need to get the best education you can, and get over it as soon as possible."

Fortunately, child-like faith is all God needs to build a man or woman of God. Jesus was interceding for the Twelve as they walked and talked with Him. When asked to answer, "Who do you say that I am?" Peter responded with a confident, and outspoken affirmation that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Jesus knew that God, and Jesus knew Peter. He was immediately aware that God had revealed this truth to the big fisherman. No man had been able to take the infant sized faith of Peter, and turn it into this giant sized statement of truth.

God's truth is cultivated in the climate of prayer. Truth spoken is not necessarily truth received. Truth heard is not always truth comprehended. Jesus softened the ground of Peter's heart by praying for Him, and God did the rest.

God's people are capable of EXTRAordinary insight into the word of God. The man or woman of God, praying for their people to receive the message of God, will not be disappointed in the work of God. God alone is able to bring insight to people who need to know the answer to the question when Jesus asks them, "Who do you say that I am?"

Jesus was praying, Peter was walking, and God's Spirit was working. This is a simple and yet profound picture of prayer shows the way God has of stepping into the ordinary, and adding something EXTRA.

Jesus never got over watching His Father work in the lives of the people He loved. Jesus rejoiced in what God taught Peter, and immediately broke out in praise for what He had done. This should encourage prayer warriors to pray for even the most infantile of the faithful, and expect God to do something extraordinary in their lives too.

EXTRA ordinary people achieve extraordinary results based on what God does through them, not what they do for God. They have no delusions about their ability. However, they have great confidence in God. Like little children, they believe their Father can do anything, and they are excited about getting to do it with Him. God loves to amaze the world with what His children can do.

The Practice of Prayer: Answer these two questions. What are you doing that can be done without the power of God? What are you attempting to do for God that does not require a leap of faith?

Thought for the Day: The childish faith prays, "Daddy, look at me!" The child-like faith prays, "Daddy, show me what you can do!"

"God does not want a partnership with us, but ownership of us." Leonard Ravenhill