The Prayer Principle of Destination

"Pray that you enter not into temptation." Luke 22:40

Principle: Prayer warriors avoid detours of sin that delay their arrival at the right destination, by using the compass of prayer to point themselves to the unchanging Presence of God.

For a compass to be effective, it must have an immovable object as its point of reference. Prayer must be focused on the immutable, inerrant word of God in order for the prayer warrior to arrive safely in the Presence of God.

Praying the Word of God will enable the prayer warrior to arrive at the destination God desires for them. Prayer is the intimate communication between the heavenly Father and His child. This conversation is not a means to an end, but it is the end in itself. Prayer, primarily, is the way to come into the Presence of God. Those who use it only as a means to get things from God will miss God every time.

Temptation is alot like a barking dog that can intimidate and distract a person from their walk down a road. It will be impossible to arrive at the right destination if a person stops and throws rock at every barking dog. Their focus needs to be on the destination, not the delays and the detours that they encounter along the way. On life's journey, a Christ follower has either left temptation behind, or will confront it on the road ahead. It can be bypassed or overcome only through the power of prayer.

The detour sign of temptation always points to sin, and this separates a person from the Presence of God. Prayer, like a compass, keeps a saint from being duped by the detours of life, and keeps pointing them to the Presence of God. Temptation can be expected along the way. It is inevitable, but in and of itself, it is not sin. Sin results in separation from God.

Prayer gets people in touch with God. Believing prayer never focuses on the object of temptation, but on the Presence of God. The Tempter has the power to keep putting up detour signs. God has the power to defeat the Tempter. One look from God, and the Tempter will have to flee from His Presence. The prayer warrior is safest when prayer brings them into the Presence of God.

Believing prayer is an admission of need. It is a humbling of oneself to ask directions to the right destination from the One who sent Jesus to be "The Way, The Truth and The Life." Prayer leads to the ultimate destination, the Presence of God.

The Practice of Prayer: What tempts you the most to leave the Presence of God? When are you tempted the most? Spend time in His Presence, listen to His Word, ask for His help, enjoy His company, and His guidance. When you walk His way, you will see things His way. You will be amazed at the weakness of the temptation when the Tempter has to flee from His Presence.

Thought for the Day: Focus on the temptation, and it will look better the longer you look at it. Placing the temptation in the hands of God, changes the way you look at it, and keeps you from walking into it.

"I cannot stop the birds from flying over my head but I can stop them from building their nests in my hair." Martin Luther