The Ministry

One year ago, July 4, 2010, Dana and I entered into a new adventure. We launched our prayer ministry called TALK LESS! PRAY MORE! This is something that we had been talking about for over 20 years, and we finally had the courage to take the leap of faith to launch it.

We do not have an office building or support staff. We sold our home and have chosen to rent a house for the forseeable future. We sold our car, and we are now driving a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee that belongs to our youngest daughter. She had no use for it when the AC went out on it, and was told it would cost $1,200.00 to repair it. Our future son-in-law was able to get it repaired for less than $100.00. Pray with us that it lasts thru the summer! With 213,000 miles, Car Max offered us $500.oo for our Jeep, but we believe our Jeep is here to stay.

This past year has been full of exciting new adventures. We have traveled to 18 states, numerous hotels, and conducted TALK LESS! PRAY MORE! in some of the finest churches in America. Our trip to Israel in February of this year was a dream come true. Dana has received a good report from her oncologist, and she and I are training for a half marathon in December. Our daughters have brought us great joy this past year. Allyson graduates with her Master's in Leadership from Dallas Baptist University on August 5th, and Ashley marries Brent Warren on September 16th. We have all been busy!

Please pray for our next great adventure. We serve on The Leadership Team of The Response USA. You can find info on it at the website This meeting is a call to prayer to a nation in crisis. Governor Rick Perry issued a Joel 2 call for a solemn assembly of prayer and fasting 60 days ago, and since that time we have been mobilizing Baptists to head to Houston's Reliant Stadium on August 6th. This will not be a carnival, concert or conference. It will not be a politcial rally, patriot party or preachathon. There will be no food concessions, book tables, t-shirts, DVDs or CDs. People are encouraged to bring bottled water and bended knees from 10 AM - 5 PM, and enter into a time of personal and corporate repentance. At this time 50,000 people are registered. It has become a bug light for every activist and atheist looking for a camera and a microphone, so there will be a crowd even if the praying Christians stay home.

Thank you for praying for us during the past year. Please keep it up. We are so pleased that God has entrusted to us the privilege of teaching people how they can find relief in the middle of any crisis when they TALK LESS! & PRAY MORE! Talking has a way of magnifying the danger of the crisis, and praying has a way of magnifying God in the middle of it. Continue to pray with us and for us to be one of God's Magnifiers.

Gratefully Yours and Prayerfully His,

Gary and Dana Miller

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The Whitefield Project
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