The Vote

“Evil men do not understand justice, BUT those who seek the LORD understand all things." PR. 28:5

A recent series of ministry assignments kept me on the road for 30 out of the past 33 days. One of the by products of my tight schedule resulted in very little time available for TV. On the whole, not a bad way to live.

However, one thing that kept being replayed day and night was a call made by a referee in a recent NFL game. Two men jumped high, in the end zone, and both came down with the ball. The ref gave the TD to the offensive player. Game over. Outrage launched.
It revealed to those who cared the most a flaw in the "integrity of the game." The deafening outcry put a quick end to a stalemate between the referees union and the NFL. Moral outrage. Quick change. Go figure.

In August of 2011, I was responsible for mobilizing Texas Baptist pastors to take part in a prayer meeting called by the Governor of that state, held in Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX. There were over 40,000 people who attended this eight hour prayer meeting.

The one speaker who truly seized the moment was Tony Evans. In seven minutes he drew the parallel between the scene taking place on that day in Houston's NFL stadium, and the drama that would unfold when the NFL season began. I cannot do his remarks justice, but I will give it a shot.

Tony Evans compared the Church to one of the THREE teams that would soon take the field. The third team would be the team of officials, representing The Commissioner of the NFL. The refs would be responsible for enforcing the rules of engagement, and blowing the whistle on any infringements made on The NFL Rules set in place, by the commissioner of the league. You get the picture.

Pastor Evans clarified the role of the church in today's culture in less than seven minutes. It was a prophetic call for the Church to put down their pom poms and to stop cheering for one of the opposing teams on the field. He reminded us that The Church must take a stand, and blow their whistle on behalf of The Commissioner. He was the one they represented. He is the one who had called them to use His Rule Book as a guide for determining what is right and what is wrong. It was a powerful message.

This week the nation responded in moral outrage to a call made by an NFL ref. The opposing forces in a prolonged dispute made a swift reaction to the voice of the people, not the action on the field. You can argue with the call that was made, but the call, right or wrong, will stand. It legal, but it may not have been right. There are consequences. The referee will be replaced. In light of Tony Evan's remarks, this should be a warning to the Church. Their Commissioner expects them to make the right call...every time.

Proverbs reminds us that justice will never be found in evil men. Justice comes from Jehovah God. His rules for His creation have never changed. His expectations for His people remain in place. In the OT, they were called to be the light to the nations. In the NT they were described as salt and light to those around them. Either way you call it, God's children were never given the option to blend in, or to dial it down a notch. They were not called to get along with those who were wrong, but to shine the light on what was love. His children represent His power to penetrate the darkness and to make a difference in the world, one call at a time.

The taking of innocent life, through the act of legalized abortion, is a stain of reproach on this nation. The greater stain is the capacity of those who call themselves children of God to remain silent while it continues unabated. The Church must stand up, and speak with one voice on this issue. When they do, their voice will be heard, and the change will be swift.

Politicians can count, and they can hear. When enough voices are raised, and enough votes are counted, they yield...EVERY TIME! Put down your pom poms, and blow your whistle loud and long. You were born for this. Raise your voice, and cast your vote to protect the innocent. Vote for life. Pray for the next Great Awakening.