The Unborn

"A man who is laden with the guilt of human blood will be a fugitive until death; let no one support him." PR 28:17

There is no statute of limitations for the act of murder. This is a statement that can still be made, even in the arena of ever-changing public opinion and shifting moral absolutes. This legal doctrine is rooted in the mind of God. It is His view on the sanctity of human life that established it, as the law of the land.

God loves those He has created. His children matter to Him. He is relentless in the pursuit and punishment of those who do kill them, and He has no patience for fools who support those who do.

God intends to pursue and punish those who take human life. His followers must never forget how precious life is. Those who believe America can run from the blood of 60 million babies, murdered in this country since Roe vs Wade, are wrong. They are kidding themselves to believe; God hasn't noticed or He doesn't remember. He does. His people should too.

Many have no concern for the death of millions of babies, at the hands of abortion, in America. They cannot be expected to express angst over the death of just one murdered ambassador in Libya. Expecting the mainstream media to report one murder, when they ignore millions, is a placing faith in a false messenger. Look elsewhere.

What can you do? Stop supporting people who are "laden with the guilt of human blood." Stop voting for any candidate; Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or Vegetarian who supports, personally or corporately, the "legalized" murder of innocent children. It is not enough for a person to be able to parse their words and say they are personally pro-life, but support a pro-death agenda. It is a ridiculous use of language.

The death of innocence, through abortion, is a shame and a scourge on the soul of America. It makes what happened, to an ambassador in Libya, pale in comparison. Yet there is a parallel, between the two national scandals, that should not be missed.

The real scandal, in the death of our citizens in Libya, is the cover up of it, in America. The stubborn truth continues to unravel, and it reveals a callous disregard of those who were in charge. When the attack was underway, the evidence is mounting, that cries for help were ignored, for hours.

The current administration and the mainstream media cannot get their stories straight or their anger up for the real tragedy. Lives were lost. They might have been saved. Lies were told. They didn't make sense, at the time, and they do not age well, when repeated over and over again. Everyone is passing a buck, that has yet to land, on anyone's desk who will take responsibility for their actions.

America is better than this. People who pledged loyalty to this nation, served under the flag of this nation, deserved better from the leaders of this nation. Crisis always reveals character. Pressure from the outside, always squeezes out what is on the inside. It is rarely a pretty sight.

Time will tell if the American people will demand justice, for those who cannot speak for themselves. They too may be as preoccupied with the election as others were, who were at the time of the attack. They may be too calloused to feel the pain, or too deaf to hear the cries of the parents of the young men who died. Perhaps, ignoring millions of deaths, does make it harder for a people to be outraged, at just a few, bumps in the road.

So, here in lies the lesson. Abortion is the murder of innocent children. It is the taking of life, from the defenseless. Cries take place. Pain is felt. One thing is constant. When an abortion takes place, the baby always dies. Pro-choice people choose to kill a baby, every time. No judgement. Just fact.

Many pro-life people believe they are not supporting this act of murder. They could be wrong. God hates the shedding of innocent blood. His Word says, He is relentless in the pursuit and punishment of those who carry out the murder. His word also warns those who support the murderers, to stop doing it.

Ignoring murder, making excuses for it, and supporting those who do it, doesn't make a person innocent of it. God puts murderers and their supporters, in line for the same pursuit and punishment.

Delayed obedience is just another form of disobedience. Immediate obedience is the first step, to the next Great Awakening. Don't delay in praying for the soul of America. When you open your eyes, look at your leaders, and into your own heart, through the eyes of God. Vote accordingly.