The President

“You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. If you afflict him at all, and if he does cry out, to Me, I will surely hear his cry; and My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless.” Exodus 22:23

There is no clearer promise from God than, “I will surely hear his cry.” The Father in Heaven has a heart for His children, and a special place in His heart is reserved for the widow and the orphan. God Himself warns those who consider bringing any pain into the lives of these vulnerable people that they are inviting His righteous judgment to fall down on them.

“If human tribunals fail to administer justice, God intervenes to deliver His own who cry out to Him day and night.” Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886-1984)

When this British preacher penned these words he could have scarcely envisioned the capacity of a Christian culture to create, condone and compensate a killing machine that would murder 60 million children through legalized abortion.

Lockyer ministered in England and America through two world wars. He, along with the rest of his generation, witnessed the tragic atrocity of six million Jews being exterminated by a Christian nation that had birthed the Reformation. 

Great Britain and America were the birthplaces of the Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Who would have ever believed that Christians in both nations would allow the legalized deaths of the most vulnerable of God’s creation.

Those of us who raise our voices to God, praying for the next Great Awakening, would do well to raise our hands to stop the continued holocaust of abortion. The cries call for God’s wrath.

Disposing of the fatherless before they take their first breath, does not dull the ears of The Father from hearing their cry as they are torn from the womb. Some dismiss efforts to end this slaughter because it is the law of the land, saying, “the people have spoken.” Don’t turn a deaf ear to the voice of an angry God. Listen to Him, “My anger will be kindled, and I will kill you

The two major parties of this nation are currently gathering forces for a political throwdown to choose the next President of the United States. One party claims to be the champion of social justice. Another claims to be the holding vessel for fiscal responsibility. Influential leaders in both parties continue to distance themselves as fast as they can from the prying eyes of God on their potential platforms. This never ends well. Can you say, “Whig Party?” But I digress.

Any cursory view of the daily news reveals that Christians all over the world is under attack, and pastors are being threatened at home. Pulpits that were silent about abortion in the 20th Century are being threatened with dire consequences if they speak out in the 21st Century. Basic biblical truth is now considered hate speech. There are consequences to cowardice and courage. Choose courage.

God promised He will hear the cry of the widow and the orphan. His ears are not dulled by the strong shouts of those who demand their right to kill the weak. He still hears, and He is still angry.

Prayers for the next Great Awakening must be lifted up in the face of an angry God who is prepared to pour out the full measure of His wrath on His people, if they do not cry out for His mercy. They must admit that they deserve judgment, and stand in need of mercy.

Anything less turns prayer into pious posturing, resembling the excuses made by German Christians during WW II. Trains filled with Jews were often parked outside their churches during the worship hour. When the cries of those being carried away to certain death reached their ears, they would sing louder. 

What Christians are experiencing around the world, and at home is beginning to stir the hearts of millions to pray as never before. Still, many are praying for a change to be made in The White House without giving much concern to the demands God has placed on His House. This is where Awakening begins.

“And Jesus entered into the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple and overturned the tables of the money changers… And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER.’” Matt. 21:13

The Father in Heaven has chosen to dwell in the hearts of His people through The Person of His Holy Spirit. For a season of time, He condescended to extend His Presence to the Holy of Holies, but He never confined Himself to brick and mortar. He longs to reside and preside in the hearts of His people. Where He resides, He presides. Where He is resident, He is president.

NOTE TO SELF: Take great care to place a spiritual leader in the White House who seeks the direction, protection and correction of The Father for his daily life and this nation. Do not presume that having a spiritual leader in the White House exempts you from humbling yourself before God in your house.

Your heart is not just a place where God resides. It is where He presides. Your heart is Christ’s home. Let the next Great Awakening begin in you today.