The Discernment

The entire chapter of Proverbs 8 documents the credentials and the personification of wisdom, with a feminine noun that refers to
a) skill (in war)
b) wisdom (in administration)
c) shrewdness, wisdom
d) wisdom, prudence (in religious affairs)
e) wisdom (ethical and religious)

This chapter provides an insightful prayer guide for those who choose to intercede for the POTUS. For those who choose to criticize him, more than they pray for him, let me remind you of the words of Oswald Chambers.

"Discernment is God's call to intercession, never fault-finding."

Using God-given insight to point out the short-comings of another person, does not endear you to them, or correct their behavior. Praying for them, purifies your motive, and prepares them for a change in their life, that only God can bring.

Too often, God changes a person's sense of direction, and our own hearts are not prepared to receive them back into the family. The Elder Brother, loved a fatted calf, more than his own brother. His heart had hardened towards him, during the time his brother was living in darkness. When God changed his brother, his heart had grown too cold to enjoy what God had done. He missed the point and the party.

How do you avoid freezer burn on your heart? "If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God." James 1:5

This wisdom exhibits discretion, discernment, and the capacity to determine the difference between the opinion of man and the counsel of God. Those who need it the most, God's people, are encouraged to ask, beg, call for, crave, desire, or require it from their Father. Before His children represent Him or speak for Him, they do well to exhibit His character.

Praying for the next Great Awakening requires a preparation of our own hearts, to receive what God is going to do. You once were blind, but now you see. Jabbing a stick in a blind man's eye rarely improves his vision. Pray for the healing of a your nation, one life at a time. Start with the POTUS, and work your way through the rest of the population. God will take care of the rest.

I don't always pray for those I can't stand. But when I do, God changes me, and prepares me for what He is going to do in them. When I can't stand them, I choose to kneel for them. Stay humble my friends.