The Boundary pt 2

"For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He watches all his paths." PR 5: 21

This passage in Proverbs provides both, a word of comfort and a word of warning. It is mentioned in the context of a powerful commentary on the consequences of marital infidelity and sexual impurity.

Politicians and preachers share an amazing similarity to one another. They both have the capacity to ignore God in the most vital areas of their lives. The result is the same. Men embarrass themselves when they don't restrain themselves.

If the Redneck Mantra is, "Watch This!" The Fool's Mantra is, "No one will know!" The Redneck hurts himself in a multitude of different ways, trying to prove he is a man. The Fool hurts everyone around him, and proves he is not a man.

The ash heap of history is filled with the residue of once great men, and those who were on the threshold of greatness, but could not master the one thing that greatness calls for,...the harnessing of oneself.

Male PMS has been described as Power, Money and Sex. It is never a pretty picture, when men behave badly in any one of these three arenas. The Wise humbly yield to God's plan for their lives, and receive His direction. The Fool proudly blasts through life, politely and privately ignoring God or publicly and loudly insulting Him. The result is the same. The Fool invites God's correction.

Pride places the foolish man in the position of being exposed for who he really is...a fool. The humble man knows that he is not perfect, and more than capable of foolish behavior. This knowledge keeps him close to God, and away from those who encourage him to disrespect the boundaries God has, for his protection, in the use of power, money and sex.

Proverbs reminds a grown man, he never outgrows the need to hear the words that always strikes fear, in the most rebellious child..."Wait til your Daddy gets home!" When my mother spoke those words to me, I always knew I had crossed the line. I had worked hard at getting into trouble, and payday was coming. It was never pretty.

There is a boundary that God has placed on decent behavior, and those who cross it invite His correction. The Wise invite God's direction, protection and correction into their lives. Prayer provides daily, moment by moment, uninterrupted, consistent companionship with Him. Saturating oneself with prayer gives God elbow room to guide a man in the proper use of power, money or sex. Wise Men never substitute status, stocks or soul-mates for success. They know God is watching and they...