The Star

Yesterday, I turned off Fox News at my house. I couldn't take it anymore. If I heard one more expert pontificate about gun control or spew anymore psycho babble, I was going to drive my car, into the next tree, I came to.

Dana and I needed some fresh air, so we accepted an invitation to attend a birthday party, for two of our best friends. They are four year old twins, who have been our neighbors, for half of their lives.

The twins, Lacie and Grace, recently moved to another neighborhood, and we have missed them...ALOT! For the record, when we walked into Chuck E. Cheese at 9:30 AM, the twins ran right past the guy in the costume and hit our kneecaps, with the force of a ball peen hammer. It was great! My spirit was renewed. Jesus loved little ones, and we do too.

Dana and I spent the next two hours observing little ones, and their parents, enjoying the twin's birthday party. Chuck E. Cheese is "Vegas for Munchkins," so we left before they cashed in their winnings. We have had some previous experience with this. It is never a pretty sight, when little ones arrive at the Judgment Counter and find out what their fist full of tickets are really worth. It is a life lesson, best learned, early on. That is all.

My heart was so burdened, for the parents who lost their little ones, at the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. I flashed back to a 1999 school shooting, I experienced. Seven young people were shot. None were killed, but thousands were terrorized. I held the baccalaureate service for the High School, and hosted the Vice President of the United States for a meeting, with the parents of the injured children. Let me say this. The trauma and the drama are real, and run deep and wide, through the soul of the students, parents, and residents of a community.

The current knee-jerk reactions of secularists and the politically motivated lessons offered up by pundits, are not going to solve the crisis of evil, in this nation. The only way to remove the darkness, is to replace it with The Light. Jesus is The Light of the World, not a twinkling light on a Christmas tree.

Evil simply hates innocence. It is an ancient hatred perpetuated by a relentless enemy. When word of the birth of Jesus reached King Herod, he dispatched soldiers to kill all the male babies born, in the city of Bethlehem. Note: No guns were used in the killing of these baby boys. Just hate.

Evil is not restricted by gun control, or birth control. Over 3,000 babies a day are murdered, in this nation, by legalized birth control. There are no photo ops, no pontificating, no pundits running to the death scene, of these innocent children and there is no end, in sight to the murder. If government approved birth control has unleashed this kind of slaughter, one can only wonder what government gun control will accomplish.

People stumbling, through the dark, would be wise to move toward The Light. A nation is turned around, one life at a time. There is no quick fix, to turning a great ship around, that has been heading, on the wrong course. It takes time to see the change, but it is time to fix this nation's course, upon the right star.

There is still a star that will guide The Wise out off the darkness, and into the light of God's love. The name of this star is Jesus. Those desperate for His direction, protection and direction, like The Wise Men of old, will seek Him, and follow Him. Fix your course on The Star, and follow Jesus into The Light.