The Grassroots

This weekend I heard Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas talk about a growing movement in the United States. He said a grassroots movement is gaining momentum. Millions of people, more than willing to go about their lives without being involved in governing, now realize their government is intruding into their lives at an alarming rate.  They have awakened.  This is going to be interesting.

Sen. Cruz walked his listeners through the NSA overreach, the “Drone” filibuster of Sen. Rand Paul, onto the attempt to engage in war in Syria, and the recent rollout of “ObamaCare.” He has witnessed millions of U.S. citizens mobilizing, as they sense a growing menace from the very government that was designed to protect them.

Sen. Cruz stated his case well, and well he should. Though his father was a political refugee from Cuba, and came to America with only $100, Mr. Cruz is a graduate of Princeton, and Harvard Law School. His work experience with Chief Justice Renquist, and his hours logged in a Texas law firm have given him plenty of juice to deliver his remarks.  Without a teleprompter or a set of prepared notes, Sen. Cruz was a force of nature.  Refreshing.

The most interesting thing to me, about the evening, was a table of young adults that were seated to his left. They were beaming. Their eyes were intensely focused, and the smile on their faces revealed they were pleased with what they heard.  By the looks of things, Mr. Cruz is going to be around for a while. The Old Guard G.O.P. had better start listening.

As the Senator talked about a political grassroots movement growing among the citizens of this nation, I couldn’t help but think of what would happen in the Spiritual arena, if such a grassroots movement began to take hold.  Lord, let it begin!

Pastors have been timid, about calling prayer meetings that have proved to be tepid in temperature and poorly attended. These preachers would be encouraged to hear their people say, “Enough is enough.” The grassroots in this nation’s churches already say enough. They must begin to pray enough, calling out to God for answers.

Note to self: Lord, let it begin in me.

 When Jesus sought to restore His seven drifting churches of Asia Minor, He said to each one of them, “I KNOW.” Jesus is the only one Who really knows the real condition of His church. He is the only one Who has the solution for His church’s condition. Prayer doesn't frame the debate in the church, but it opens the conversation with Jesus, Who founded the church.

Jesus still knows. His people just stopped asking Him for advice. Those who have an ear to hear, must hear from Him again, and be obedient to do what He says. Seeking a second opinion only postpones the next Great Awakening.

When a couple of discouraged disciples wound their way down the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus they were confronted by The Risen Christ.  Jesus approached them as they were walking, talking and discussing the things that had happened to them. When one of them sarcastically rebuked Jesus, and asked him, “Are you the only one in this city that doesn’t know the things that have been happening?” Jesus simply asked, “WHAT THINGS?”

With two words Jesus invited two discouraged, and disheartened disciples to tell Him what was sapping their courage and breaking their hearts. He still does. Have you talked to Jesus today about the condition of your heart, your home, your church, and your country? He still knows what to do. He doesn’t need information from you, but you need inspiration from Him. That is what prayer is all about. Jesus specializes in turning the impossible into the HIMpossible. Tell it to Him. What things, indeed!

The grassroots of the lives of those two disciples began to bear fruit immediately. Their lives were turned around when Jesus revealed Himself to them, through the Scriptures. When He acted as if He would go farther, they urged Jesus to stay with them. The next Great Awakening will begin when the most discouraged and disheartened people will come to that point in their lives, when they just can’t get enough of Jesus.  Saying enough and praying enough are two different things. Let the praying begin.

The Book of Acts carries an essential ingredient to the fruit of The Spirit, obedience. The character of Christ is simply not produced by rebellious children. The Spirit releases the character of Christ in obedient children. Over and over again the Scripture reveals the fruit of the Spirit in people who are obedient to the command, BE FILLED with the Spirit. Simple, direct, and essential.

For a grassroots Spiritual movement to become the next Great Awakening, it must be rooted in Jesus. Praying people are rooted in and connected to a praying Savior. Jesus prayed, “Not My will, but Thy will be done.” This should be a clue. Prayer is not about you. It is about you being knocked out of you, by an encounter with the will of God. To get over yourself, you must come to the end of yourself, and the beginning of God.

Prayer is designed to change the world, one person at a time. Are you ready for the next Great Awakening? Jesus is ready to start His next movement in you. Prayer can change your world.  Let it begin in you.

The next Great Awakening is beginning to take hold in a nation lost in the tall grass. The grassroots are connecting with The Root. Beat the rush. Make your connection. Jesus can do more to change the Spiritual climate of your heart, your home, your church and your nation, with a moment of your humble obedience than you can ever do with a lifetime of your tireless talk and prayerless effort. TALK LESS! PRAY MORE!