The Supplication

“He went out from Pharaoh and made supplication to the Lord.” Exodus 10:18

Moses earned his stripes as an intercessor the day he stood between a penitent Pharaoh and Omnipotent God. Time would prove Pharaoh to be a penitent poser, not a repentant sinner. It is one thing to admit your life is in a mess. It is quite another thing to turn your back on the way of life that got you into the mess.

Supplication is a synonym for the word intreaty. It seems to put an emphasis on asking God to supply a need. Intreaty, though not often used contemporary language, carries the weight of intense, fervent prayer that produces amazing results. Supplication without intensity may express a prayer for a need to be met in your life, but intreaty describes intense intercession for a need to be met in someone else’s life.

Intense intercession is not a matter of parsing words or repeating predictable phrases. Intreaty is not merely eloquence. It is Spirit-filled intensity unleashed on behalf of the needs of friend and foe.

Pharaoh was no friend of the children of Israel. Still, Moses prayed for him with the same intensity and earnestness that he prayed for his family and friends. This is the learning curve God has in store for those who enter The School of Prayer.

NOTE TO SELF: It is not impossible to hate people when you pray for them, but praying for them makes it harder for you to feed your hatred of them. When God forgives your enemies, you will discover supplication has prepared your heart, by softening it with His grace. Prayer opens your heart and your arms to receive your enemies into God’s family. All of your enemies will not turn around and receive God's grace. Pray for them anyway. They need it, and you need the practice.